Services Offered.

Our professional staff cares for you and about you. We are experts concerning advances in dental care and we treat our patients with state-of-the-art techniques. If you are interested in a specific procedure or technique, please check with us.


Treatment Planning and Diagnostic Services

Comprehensive examinations for traditional dental care, as well as cosmetic or complex and comprehensive treatment.

  • Based on the fact that in dentistry, signs of disease often precede symptoms, we generally start our relationship with new patients with a comprehensive examination.

  • Use of digital imaging and other techniques to evaluate different potential treatment results and to communicate the possibilities to our patients (often called "Smile Design").

  • Implant and comprehensive care treatment planning

  • Interaction with a highly skilled team of specialists for difficult treatments.

  • Periodic examinations for existing patients.

  • Examinations for isolated problems.

  • Use of the Diagnodent laser cavity detection instrument.

  • Complete periodontal charting to detect all stages of periodontal (gum) disease (repeated annually).

  • Use of the Perioscope, to diagnose isolated hidden tooth problems without surgery (specialized needs only).

  • Diet analysis for patients with ongoing cavity problems.

Esthetic and Restorative Services

All procedures and materials used to restore and enhance your smile are carefully selected to provide the best possible result. 

  • Advanced, Biomimetic (mimicking tooth) Fiber-reinforced composite restorations. These are tooth colored fillings with additional internal reinforcement that creates unmatched strength and durability.

  • Composite, tooth-colored restorations (fillings placed with the intent of truly restoring each tooth to as near "whole" as modern techniques and technology allow with little or no removal of healthy tooth structure).

  • Advanced composite bonding (generally much less invasive and lower cost than porcelain veneers).

  • Minimally invasive fillings and sealants (assisted by use of Diagnodent).

  • Porcelain/EMax Veneers

  • Tooth-colored and gold crowns (caps), partial crowns (onlays), bridges and implant crowns.

  • Implant supported restorations

  • Partial Dentures

  • Occlusal (bite) adjustment with advanced T-Scan bite analysis - provided when necessary by Dr. Chyz.

  • Occlusal Bite Splint/Night Guard/Comfort Guard/Bite Orthotic - provided when necessary by Dr. Chyz.

  • Silver/amalgam fillings are not offered.

Treatment for periodontal (gum) disease

Our highly trained hygienists provide non-surgical treatment* for patients with early to moderate periodontal disease using state-of-the-art instrumentation including:

  • Satelec tuned piezo-electric scalers for maximum effectiveness with minimal discomfort.

  • Hand scaling with a full range of specialized instrumentation.

  • When appropriate: Various medications, rinses and fluorides to improve the effectiveness and/or comfort of treatment.

  • Occlusal (bite) adjustment with advanced T-Scan bite analysis - provided when necessary by Dr. Chyz.

  • Occlusal Bite Splint/Night Guard/Comfort Guard/Bite Orthotic - provided when necessary by Dr. Chyz.

    * We do not offer surgical treatment. In some situations, treatment by a periodontist is more appropriate than treatment in our office. When the need arises, we refer to the finest periodontist in the Northwest.

Prevention, Cleanings and Supportive Periodontal Therapy (SPT is ongoing care for patients with periodontal (gum) disease)

To maintain healthy teeth for a lifetime, each patient requires some form of ongoing periodontal (gum) care. Our highly trained hygienists work with each patient to have a personalized schedule designed to improve or maintain healthy gums, to reduce systemic inflammation and to help prevent cavities.

  • Regular cleanings for patients who do not have periodontal (gum) disease.

  • Supportive periodontal therapy (includes cleaning) for patients with periodontal (gum) disease.

  • Home care coaching

  • Complete periodontal charting to detect changes in periodontal (gum) disease, including recession (root exposure).

  • Use of various fluorides to help prevent cavities and to desensitize exposed roots, when appropriate.

  • Sealant placement to prevent cavities in appropriate situations.

Referral Based Services

We refer to the most highly skilled dental specialty offices in the greater Seattle area for the following treatments: 

  • Surgical periodontal treatment

  • Oral surgery - Surgical removal of teeth, biopsies, etc.

  • Orthognathic (Jaw) surgery

  • Orthodontic treatment

  • Endodontic treatment (root canals)

After hours Emergency Care is available for existing patients of record.