Why Us?


Serving you as an independent dental practice.

In 1999, Dr Chyz saw how insurance companies began instituting cost-cutting practices and restrictions that were going to compromise the long-term dental health of those he served. While insurance-based dental practices adjusted to these new practices and restrictions in line with insurance companies, Dr. Chyz made the conscious decision to become an independent dental practice to better service his patients. Instead of following the crowd to become a “production-focused” practice, he felt in order to truly put the patients first, he needed to be “care-focused.”

If your insurance allows you to choose your dentist, you can enjoy the benefits of our care. We are able to offer our patients different procedures and treatments that dentists controlled by insurance cannot. By doing this, we are able to spend more time on your care through our biomimetric restorations which results in fewer crowns and fewer root canals long term.


Biomimetic Dentistry

Biomimetic dentistry lasts longer and is less invasive than traditional dentistry. Biomimetic dentistry is a type of tooth-conserving dentistry that mimics natural tooth structure and preserves as much healthy tooth structure as possible. The result is longer lasting, healthier restorations with fewer crowns and root canals. 

Minimally invasive biomimetic techniques harmonize and preserve healthy tooth structure. State of the art Fiber Reinforced Composite Restorations have resulted in our patients needing ~60% fewer crowns and root canals than traditional dental offices. When a crown is necessary, minimally invasive principles guide us to choose the least invasive technique that will be successful for each situation.

Dr. Chyz is a leader, teaching dentists how to effectively help their patients with Biomimetic Fiber Reinforced Composite techniques.


State of the Art Prevention

Periodontal (Gum) care and cavity prevention are the cornerstones to excellent, life-long dental care. We use the most effective methods available to manage each patient’s Oral Biofilm (plaque and tartar). In addition to Biofilm management, we help our patients stop and even reverse problems that lead to dental cavities. To preserve teeth, we need to avoid cavities, maintain healthy gums and, when necessary, restore teeth in a way that doesn’t lead to additional problems.


Thoughtful, Personalized Care

Taking the time to understand each patient’s needs and concerns is just as important as having high skill.  We realize that our patients don’t care how much we know, until they know how much we care. Our absolute top goal is to have each and every patient feel like we have given them the best possible care for exactly the right reasons. 

Getting to 90 with your teeth

This is a perspective that helps us focus on the long-term as well as the short-term when doing an exam or considering treatment options.  This places value on true preventive dentistry, early diagnosis, minimally invasive treatments and the use of best materials, labs and techniques.  If we see a problem in an examination that is not consistent with getting to 90, we try to help you understand what we see and why it is a concern. From there, we offer strategies to change or manage a growing problem.

Signs precede symptoms

Noticing relevant signs of potential dental problems takes focus and a bit of extra time. Explaining why something that doesn't hurt might be a future problem also takes time and commitment. In dentistry, signs (of a developing problem) often precede symptoms.  This was a favorite saying of Dr. Pete Dawson, one of the fathers of modern dentistry.  While we absolutely care about symptoms, we have found that we are much more successful preventing cavities, tooth loss and root canals if we act in a reasonably proactive way.  

Reasonably proactive

We don't want to do unnecessary procedures, but what is necessary or unnecessary is highly dependent on the goal. If a patient's goal is to do the absolute minimum treatment without regard to the long-term implications of that choice, necessary treatment can be much different than it would be for someone who has signs of dental and periodontal breakdown and wants to preserve his or her teeth for a lifetime.

True cavity prevention

For patients who are getting cavities,westart with a complete diagnosis and understanding of the factors that are leading to tooth decay.  Once we know why cavities are forming, we can discuss strategies to break the cycle.  Fillings do not stop the decay process:  Without identifying the cause and changing the relevant factors, more cavities will follow.  Cavity problems will not stop if you simply floss more.  We get to the root of your problem to then offer  solutions that will work.

Lower long-term costs

We help you not need us to do invasive treatment, by focusing on prevention, but when we do offer treatment, making it long-lasting creates the best value for our patients over time.

Dedicated staff

Our staff shares a passion to treat our patients with dignity and respect and highest possible quality care.  In the end, we want to be recognized as a caring, skilled group of people who really, truly cared about our patients.  To learn more about our individual staff member, you can meet our team here.

No “production” goals

Most dental offices have daily “production” goals. This means that doctors and staff are encouraged to find or encourage treatment to boost office profits. We feel this is totally inappropriate. Our office is, and has always been, “care” based. We have never had production goals. Our only goal is to offer each person the best possible care – care you can trust.

Interested in learning more about whether we are the right fit for you? Give us a call today at 206-622-7642.