Our Team


Dr. Grant Chyz

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Personal note: I have been a dentist since 1983. I didn’t know it at the time, but the direction my practice has taken was more or less predetermined. I have always loved excellent dentistry and cosmetics, but more than that, I have also focused on long-term dental health. Over the years, I have come to realize that my choice to focus on best long term care (with esthetics when appropriate) brought an unexpected gift: I got to know patients over many years. I have seen some patients get married, some kids grow up and some adults grow old. I have had the joy of getting postcards from patients on vacation and the sadness of paying my respects at memorial services. So whatever we are as a dental office, this journey is and has been personal for me. It is my sincere hope that we live up to the trust that each patient puts in us. Nothing is more important to me.

Dr Chyz has been practicing in the Medical Dental Building since 1986. He has offered patients excellent general dental care, complex restorative and cosmetic treatment, and a true desire to favor less invasive treatments and “true prevention.” Dr. Chyz earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 1983 from the University of Michigan. He has lectured on advanced composite techniques, cosmetic dentistry, treatment planning, fiber reinforced composites and asymptomatic cracked teeth. He is an alumni of the Council for Innovative Dentistry – an advisory group to 3M ESPE. He is a member of the American Dental Association, Washington State Dental Association, the Seattle-King County Dental Society and the International College of Dentists. Dr. Chyz is one of the founding members of Total Oral and Dental Studies, a local study club dedicated to excellence in dentistry. He is also a member of the Seattle TMJ Study Club and he has been a restorative adviser to two Seattle Study Club groups.


Dene - Front Office

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Dene's dental career started as an assistant, working for the late Gerrard Shultz (maybe the most perfectionistic dentist ever!). She now takes care of all front office responsibilities in our office. Dene knows dentistry and she cares deeply that our patients get the best possible care. Out of the office, Dene enjoys live music, the outdoors, quilting, doing puzzles and spending time with her friends and animals.


Nancy - Dental Hygienist

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Nancy has been a dental hygienist since 1996. She strives to provide caring, thoughtful and appropriate treatment that helps contribute to the overall wellness of each of her patients. Nancy has a great touch and a warm and friendly manner that helps to put her patients at ease. In her personal time, she enjoys family life with her husband and 3 girls, visiting with friends, traveling, walking her dogs, doing yoga and continuing to learn new things.


Angie - Dental Hygienist

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Angie started in dentistry as a dental assistant as she worked her way through school to become a dental hygienist. Angie is incredibly perceptive and dedicated to providing each of her patients with the best possible care and experience. Away from the office, Angie enjoys time camping and spending quality time with her husband and son.


Ashleigh - Dental Assistant


Ashleigh grew up in the Seattle area and returned here after attending school in Utah. She also spent time living abroad as a missionary in Chile. Ashleigh has been with our office since 2016. She is our OSHA/WISHA specialist and handles lab work as well as restorative assisting. She loves being involved in the dental field and getting to know each patient individually. Her and her husband reside in Edmonds and enjoy spending time at the gym and at the beach. They love finding new ice cream shops and are avid travelers together!


Tailer - Dental Therapy Dog

“The Best!”

“The Best!”

Tailer is Dene's 13 year old golden retriever.  Tailer became a certified therapy dog when she turned 1 year old (earliest eligibility to test for this).  She is in the office most days, visiting with patients who wish to visit, in the non-clinical areas of the office.  She has had an extraordinarily positive effect in our office - to the point that it is not uncommon for patients to come early to visit with her. In her spare time, she visits people in need,  hangs out with her daughter, Rainy, a bossy cat named Axel, another cat named Mouse and Dene.